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What’s in my Tinder data
What’s in my Tinder data

A few days ago I got to know, thanks to GDPR, a lot of websites are allowing to export your account data (Tinder included). It enables you to see what information these sites store about you.

In addition to being transparent with privacy, these data can help provide statistics that these sites never provided before.

Wouldn’t it be cool to analyze and quantify what you unconsciously do on Tinder? With that mindset, I requested Tinder for my account data.

How to get my Tinder data?

You can request for your own data at

Take a look at this graph for new cases of COVID-19 cases over total confirmed cases.


One thing you’ll quickly notice is that unlike most graph, this is plotted over a logarithmic scale. More and more websites are enabling options to visualize the trends over a log scale.

Take a look at worldometers’s graph for the total number of cases:

I was looking for ways to integrate my React JS app with Spring Boot and MySQL and deploy it to my own server (not to services like Heroku). Having found no proper documentation that had all of these in a single place I thought of writing this article. I’ll cover everything from the beginning.

deploy react spring boot header
deploy react spring boot header

What exactly does this article cover?

So to give you guys a quick overview of what we would be doing I’m enlisting them here.

You are poor like me and can’t afford to buy the new iPhone at their real price. What do you do? You wait for the price drop. (Truth be told, still poor to but the iPhone with the price drop, but we’ll assume I can buy if the price drops 😅 ) Sure enough, you can use one of the thousands of already existing price drop aggregators but how cool would it be to build one on your own? So let’s do that.

First, let us import the packages that we are going to be needing.

requests : Will use…

Ever since Leo Hendrik Baekeland invented plastics in 1907, plastics have been an incremental part of our life. We use plastics everywhere- from disposable straws to packing loaves of bread. Plastic is everywhere. Plastic is cheap, easy to manufacture, and serves the purpose well. Because plastics are synthetic they can be moulded into things natural alternatives simply can’t. So, there’s no surprise when we see plastics being huge celebrities in our lives.

Like all good things, extreme use has cons too. We are just beginning to see them after over a century of deriving extensive use cases. From ending up…

Originally published at on February 21, 2017.

Benchmark cheating is pretty much traditional. You might have heard the news of OnePlus and Meizu trying to cheat Benchmark scores. So, what these two tech giants exactly do? How did they do it? Also, importantly Why did they do it?

Let’s dive into the issue and learn what happened.

What is benchmarking?

Technically, benchmarking is a way to determine the quality of a product and then comparing it with the competitor. …

6 Best New Android Apps of the month : October’16

Apps have become an essential part of our lives. We look over best new android apps to feed our hunger for new apps. That is why every month I make a collage of best new android apps of the month so that you can take a peek at top releases every month.

Let me begin with the list.

6 best new Android Apps of the month

Featured:Tapxicon- Portable Dictionary

Tapxicon is a simple multi-screen dictionary that will follow you to every app you go. (Of course, You can choose from settings to turn it off). It provides — Definitions, Audio Pronunciation…

10 amazing new Inventions you didn’t know about

For better readability switch to the site by clicking here.

As time continues to fly, new inventions in the field of technology continue to struggle to make our lives easier and more productive.

Here I have compiled a list of innovative developments in the field of technology which could make your life a little easier.

Enough blabbering let’s begin!

10 amazing new Inventions you didn’t know about

(If you want to buy any of these things or know more about them, you can click on their respective blue headings)

  1. Senz Umbrella

Samsung+ APK free download

Samsung+ APK free download is available here

Description of Samsung+ APK

Samsung+ is the must have app for every Samsung device owners. It enables you to get more of your device. The app has a vast array of tips and tricks and FAQ’s which will solve most of your daily problems. If this wasn’t enough Samsung has also provided an Insider access program which will enable you to test things before release and get rewarded for doing that.

Top 10 best tablet for college students on a budget

What’s up, guys? I hope your college days are passing pretty will with incredible grades! It’s an inevitable fact that tablets are becoming more and more popular. People are beginning to prefer tablets to laptops. Tablets are portable and things could be done on the go. With the increasing demand, advancement in tablet industry has also peaked up. Picking a perfect one is difficult, that is why we have come up with top 10 world class best tablet for college students on a budget.

These tablets aren’t priced too much…

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